How Are Political Campaigns Affected by Social Media?

Who essentially set the bar of using social media platforms in order to better their chances of winning the presidential election?

Barack Obama was the first candidate to actually make a dent in the presidential election through the means of the social media market. Through social media he was able to interact with those who were interested in having him for President. He often tweeted at people reminding them to  vote for him and even reacted to news so people knew of his opinions.


What do politicians gain if they use social media to promote their political campaigns?

They are able to engage with their audience at a better rate. Many politicians create polls, post their donation links, sign online petitions- all in order to gain more attention from future voters.  It is even common for politicians to participate in live Q&As on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Most importantly, they gain insight. By understanding the different marketing metrics of social media platforms,  they can better understand which audiences or demographics they are reaching and whom they need to try harder to reach.


How are Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump effectively using social media in the 2016 presidential campaign?

According to statistics provided by,

on Facebook: Donald Trump has 1o.1 million likes and Hillary Clinton has 5.3 million likes.

on Twitter: Donald Trump has 10.6 million followers and  Hillary Clinton has 8.1 million followers

on YouTube: Hillary Clinton has 16.4 million views and Donald Trump has 8.1 million views. She also has 63.4 million subscribers and Donald has 44 million subscribers.

on Instagram: Hillary Clinton has 1.8 million instagram views and Donald Trump has 2.2 million views.

on LinkedIn: Hilary Clinton has 458,659 million LinkedIn likes and Donald Trump has 7,000 million.




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