How Do YouTubers Profit From YouTube?

Many people often envy YouTubers for being able to profit from creating content and uploading it to YouTube from the convenience of their home. However, most have not done the research and are unaware as to how much time and effort hey actually spend on it.

YouTubers have many responsibilities depending on their type of channel. Some examples of responsibilities they have include:

  • understanding and adhering to YouTube regulations
  • spending money on equiptment
  • uploading on a regular schedule. (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • editing videos
  • collaborating with other creators
  • interacting with viewers
  • reviewing their analytics and setting up advertisements

What is Google Adsense?

This allows creators to earn revenue from their monetized videos, view their analytics, and be paid once they reach their goal. They are given the choice of what ad they want to place on their site and where they want them to appear. Advertisers are the ones who bid for the ad space in real-time and GoogleAdsense takes care of the billing of advertisers and networks as well as paying the creator once they have accrued a minimum amount. Through this program, there are also other ways to create revenue such as through custom search engines, custom search ads, video ads and  display ads on game websites, as well as in-stream and overlay ads on video content.

Top Paid YouTubers (2016)

Here is a list of the top paid YouTubers of 2016:

  • Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie-$15 million- Video Game Commentating Channel


  • Roman Atwood-$8 million- Prank Channel29091b7664c1397a9c9069c6ad7f9dac
  • Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman- $7.5 million- Comedy Sketch Channellilly-singh
  • Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, also known as Smosh- $7 million- Comedy Channel




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