LewisU Social Media

How Does My University Interact With Their Students and Future Students Through Social Media?

My school is active through many different social media networks. The main ones include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Let’s Talk Numbers and How My School Is Doing On Each of These Websites:


-The community consists of

  • 13,120 follows
  • 50,492 visits

-They typically reply within a day when you message them through the account.

-A location is listed so that people viewing the page are able to get directions to the school.

-The ratings feature is used and they are currently ranked at 4.5 stars.



  • Following 535

-The website link and rough location (Romeoville, IL) is listed for easy viewing.

-They are active multiple times a day. Each tweet or retweet includes media whether it be a picture or video. It is evident that they do their best to include students, alumni, faculty, and athletics on this page as it is stated in their bio.



  • 657 Posts
  • 594 Following

-A contact button is provided which allows people to get directions, call, and email.

-A location is included so that people may easily receive directions to the school.


My Personal Opinion On How Our School Uses Social Media:

I believe that whoever is running the social media pages of Lewis University is doing a great job. They are doing what they can to keep the Lewis community together and informed. I really enjoy their hashtag #LewisUAchieve because it shows off the students of Lewis and their accomplishments. Each of these pages are very active and it is evident because I know many organizations who tag @LewisUniversity in posts and they often retweet, repost, or show their support in some way.



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