Pandora Internet Radio’s 5 Different Types of Advertising (Media)

What is Pandora Internet Radio?

Pandora is a free personalized internet radio.

How To Use It:

Enter a favorite artist, track, comedian or genre, and Pandora will create a personalized radio station that plays their music and more like it. You can rate songs b giving them thumbs-up and thumbs-down feedback in order to add more variety and to better refine your stations and help you discover new music.

6 Different Types of Pandora Advertising (Media)

  1. Audio
  2. Display
  3. Video
  4. Native & Sponsorships
  5. Brand Stations
  6. Experiential Event

Audio is targeted towards those who are multi-tasters. Those who are tuned in and working on something will be able to listen to this ad with ease since it occurs during the time of listening to music.

-examples include: :15 or :30 audio ad, harmonic audio network, or audio everywhere

Display allows brands to connect with listeners who value the branded content experience.

-examples include: banner, billboard, display everywhere, mobile welcome interstitial, shake to reveal, tap to register, banner and skin, countdown clock, dynamic display ads, store locator, and tap to call.

Video encourages advertisers to take advantage of a full-screen experience that is provide to the listener and allows them to engage in the advertisement.

-examples include: :15 to :30 second videos and video everywhere

Native & Sponsorships offer the best engagement that advertisers desire and offer exclusive content and experiences that listeners want.

-examples: genre station sponsorship and sponsored listening

Brand Stations allow listeners to resonate with the brand’s message in conjunction with connecting with their music.

-examples: custom station, mixtape, user-submitted mixtape, genome station, and station generator

Experiential Events connect artists, fans, and brands through live events and custom contents.

-example: experiential sizzle



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