Positive Impacts of Social Media

Within the news, it is common to hear about the negative impacts that come from social media. People often mention things like they waste time and decrease productivity, however, I would like to expand on how social media can positively affect people.

Social Media Helps Businesses

  • It helps connect employers with people who are looking for work.

According to the Aabaco Small Business Website, which is formerly known as Yahoo! Small Business, “64% of companies are on two or more social networks for recruiting because of the wider pool of applicants and more efficient searching capabilities.” Research from rocketpost.com also demonstrated the importance of this by finding that “91 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for candidate searches.”

  • It helps promote products and services.

According to Aabaco Small Business Website, “53% of people recommend companies and products on Twitter.” It was also said by rocketpost.com that “an average social shopper sends about $60 when coming from Facebook and spends $140 when coming from Pinterest.”


Social Media Allows Information to Be More Readily Available

  • It promotes local and world news.

“Social networking websites are the top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking close to newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and other print publications (6%).” Platforms are also equipped with different features such as the”Safety Check” feature on Facebook, which was launched in 2014 in order to act as a tool that lets family and friends know that you are safe and allows you to check on others during a nature disaster or tragedy.

  • It advances education.

Research found that “more than 80% of U.S. college and university faculty use social media. In fact, more than 50% use it for teaching and 30% for communicating with students.” Researchers from a variety of fields are also sharing photos and collaborating with distant colleagues  in order to make the research process and results more transparent and accessible to the public.


Social Media Improves Relationships

  • It improves family relationships.

“70% of adult social networking users visit the sites to connect with friends and family members.”

  • It improves friendships.

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, “messaging on social media leads to face-to-face interactions when plans are made via the sites” and “social media users messaged close friends and average of 39 days each year while seeing close friends in person 210 days each year.”



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