Social Media Marketing Plan Project Reflection

First of all, I would like to point out that I think this was a great opportunity for my classmates and I to really put our skills that we have learned in class to use. I also feel that this project is something that I could include if I wanted to impress a future employer, especially since I am hoping to go into the Social Media Marketing field.


This was definitely a very time consuming project, however I think it will be greatly appreciated by the organization that we were working with. Our social media marketing plan was extremely specific and detailed in the topics we decided to include. For those who have never created or seen a social media marketing plan, we included information such as: an exectuive summary, market description, company review, situational analysis, target audience, social media marketing objectives, social media marketing strategy, social media tools, implementation plan, measurement, and references. If you thought that was lengthy, just know that we included subtopics of each of those main topics. Although some students may have found this assignment to be bothersome, I actually really enjoyed this project and found it to be very beneficial for my learning.

It required a lot of research and careful work, but I strongly believe that this is the type of work that is going to be required into the field I hope to have a job in so I appreciated the opportunity to work on my skills. As I have stated, this was a great preparation for a “real-life” situation such as when I would have a job in a company because we were required to talk with executive director of the business, listen to their concerns and how they are currently reaching out to their target audience, and come up with a solution in conjunction with their social media networking sites in order to boost their company and help them reach their marketing goals.


I think it was really interesting to look at our classmate’s presentations and see how they went about presenting their client’s information as well as examining the social media campaigns that they came up with. It also interested me to see which social media networking sites most clients had and I noticed that most were active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, some were active on more such as Tumblr and Flickr while some were not as active on others. I also noticed that although certain organizations and their competitors may not have had their own accounts created and active on certain platforms, there was still talk of them being thrown around the internet. I think this is extremely important for companies to know, especially if it is bad word of mouth that is traveling the internet because they should do their best to make sure the bad word of mouth is limited and the problems are taken care of so that way their customers are able to come back and say that there problems were taken care of after the incident and it doesn’t as negatively affect the company.


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