Why Joining American Marketing Association Was One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made

Here’s a little backstory as to where I was when I was looking to get involved in American Marketing Association (AMA) at Lewis University:

I was a newly admitted freshman student at Lewis University. Only a couple days had passed and it was already the organization fair on the University Green. Although I had made friends during Welcome Week and in my hall, I was looking to join a club that would allow me to make more friends and better me as a person. I had always been a shy person and involved in extracurricular activities, but I wanted to push myself into a position of where I could be seen as more of a leader and work on the skills that I had always been to nervous to better for myself.

At the organization fair, I stopped at many different kinds of tables that ranged from Greek to academic. As I neared the end of the sidewalk with the tables of organizations, I was greeted by the then-current President of American Marketing Association, Danielle. She told me about the organization and explained how it opened up so many doors for her in the marketing field that she was studying just by listing the organization on her resume. It also put her in contact with potential future employers whenever the organization took their corporate visits. Needless to say, I was extremely interested in taking advantage of the same opportunities that were given to her so wrote down my information and attended the organization’s next upcoming event.

I attended an informational that told me about the workshops and events they put on at school and learned more about the businesses that they visited. I happily took an application that required only a $47 fee (this is much cheaper than some of the other options for organizations at this school) and made myself available for their first event. The first event that I attended as a member, was a Shark Tank episode watch party with free pizza. I knew that this was the organization for me! In all seriousness, I really liked the way that the President and the Vice-Presidents interacted with the members, they made sure that everyone’s opinions were heard and even told us about the possible openings of positions in the club.

Today, I am nearing the end of my first semester of my sophomore year. I am currently a Vice-President of Social Media for American Marketing Association at Lewis University. It is my job to maintain the content posted on Facebook, Instagram, the LewisU App,  as well as work on recruitment. As a Social Media Marketing Major, I have gained so much just from this organization and I am so glad that I took the opportunity to join it last year. I have attended so many wonderful and informative corporate visits such as McDonalds Corporate Office in Oakbrook, Brookfield Zoo, and Mosaic Sales Solutions. Making new friends, receiving business cards of possible future employers, and LinkedIn tips are some of the things that I was looking to gain and now that I have (and will continue to do each of these things), I am able to help others gain the same opportunities. I will also continue to better the many leadership skills that I have acquired since joining this organization such as a higher confidence level and better communication skills. I am looking forward to see how else American Marketing Association grows in the future and I hope many other Lewis flyers are able to experience what I am able to as a member of this amazing organization.


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